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We have made special arrangements for you to be pre-approved to start accepting all the major credit cards with your own merchant account. After your website has been created, you will be receiving an email to fill out the application to have your merchant account setup. Then we will connect to your merchant account gateway to your website so your customers can place orders using their credit card.
Accepting credit cards is an expected part of doing business

Here are the Highlights of Your Benefits:

Accept all major cards such as Visa, MasterCard Amex, Discover
No Tax Records Review
Super Fast Setup
You're Pre-Approved
No site inspection required and no tax records review by the bank
You can accept payments on or off the Internet
Transactions processed & deposited into your checking within 48 hours
800# Customer Service Support 24 hours a day -everyday

As you know, in today's buying market it is very important to give your customers as many ways possible to pay for your products and with as much convenience as possible. Studies have shown that having a merchant account can increase sale from 30% - 80%. Credit card buyers purchase on average 2 1/2 times more than cash buyers. In your business accepting credit cards is essential.

The Gateway will connect to your website's shopping cart for real-time processing, and it will also let you manually type in your customers card numbers. Your customers funds will be directly deposited in your checking account within 48 hours.   


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